‘Want It’ Is My Worst Song – Bebe Cool

After releasing his list at the beginning of the year that wrecked a lot of havoc in the music industry, Bebe Cool warned that this year he is also going to make another list that will gauge the best artistes this respective year according to the songs they will have released.
He said he will also include himself on the list and so far, he has released one song titled Want it which is steadily climbing charts on the African market with its video shot by Sesan, one of Africa’s biggest cinematographers.
According to Bebe Cool, Want it is the worst among the songs he plans to release this year, contrary to what some people think of the song.
“I have seventeen songs to release this year and believe me, Want it is the worst. My plan is to release from worst to best and come the 1st of next year, I will not only be judging other artistes but myself as well,” Bebe said during an interview with Ddembe FM’s Talk and Talk show on Saturday.
He also talked about how he is going to still be relevant many years to come because he has the schematics of the industry in his head.
“What other artistes haven’t realized is that time has evolved. You need to be on the same pace with your fans. I’m relevant to the young, the old, men and women. If I want to please my youth fan base, I will release Katono, if I want to please the old, I will release Teka sente wolaba and for my reggae lovers, I will release Onepikira,” he said.

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Source: sqoop.co.ug

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