Clo 9 - Lingo

London based Artist, songwriter and producer, Clo 9, releases Lingo; a bouncy yet melodic and chill modern hip-hop track.

In Lingo, Clo 9 reflects on his personal and artistic growth, realising he is no longer a student to the game of life, rather a mentor for whoever chooses to listen.

It's a heavy take on the realism of what it takes to reach this place, and the sense of bliss when reaching it and is perfect for fans of modern UK rap and Hip-hop.


About Clo 9:
Clo 9 is an independent songwriter and producer from London, England who not only covers the entire musical process alone but also stretches his artistic talents to creatively direct and design his entire repertoire.

Clo 9 grew into his interest for rap. He was hooked by the flow of Artists such as Kanye West and Eminem. Also growing up with a versatile Music influence from the likes of Bob Marley to the infections rhythms of Phil Collins. Driven towards success he strives to progress as an Artist and as an individual.

His artistic drive doesn't just stem from music as Clo 9 takes inspiration from the genius minds of Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent van Gogh. Even Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee and a number of photographers. Filtering that shared emotion and energy into musical compositions.

Clo 9 looks to augment the Music scene and leave his mark, bringing influence from all walks of life to inspire his audience to hear his words and to understand, relate and react.

"The only thing certain in my mind is that the foundations of life is built with art" - Clo 9

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