Gist: Hushpuppi shames Kcee, as he reveals that Kcee’s new high-priced cars was bought on loan.

Acclaimed internet fraudster, Ray Hushpuppi, who is in the habit of dissing Nigerian celebrities, has intensified his attack on Five Star singer Kcee by revealing in a recent interview that Kcee bought his new car on loan.
The Nigerian big boy and socialite made this fresh claim about Kcee in a live interview on Instagram with social media star, Oyemykke. The Gucci enthusiast had at first spoken about celebrities dissing him on social media before he went on to reveal the bombshell on Kcee. This has been the worst shade ever thrown on the Five Star singer.
Hushpuppi categorically stated that some Nigerian celebrities who shade him on social media don’t even have as much money as they claim to have. It was at that point that he mentioned that he knows of a celebrity who bought his car on a loan but flaunts it around like he paid full payment for it. The questioner got curious as to who it could be.
Hushpuppy didn’t want to mention initially. But Oyemykke persuaded him to mention names until Hush finally succumbed to the pressure and said; “It’s Kcee. I have proofs that he bought his car on loan. I’ll post it on social media.”
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