About Us

We aim at bringing to you the best of underground and mainstream hip hop Music, videos, news etc and bridging the gap between artists and their audience. 

We believe that hip hop is a culture, a way of life and is more than just a genre of music. 

This great platform was founded because RealTusoul was tired of struggles he watched independent artists go through just to get their songs promoted. 

We are looking forward to partnering with radio stations, TV stations, podcasters and record labels in other to help promote hip hop music and the artists across all borders. 

We'd like to invite you to personally be a part of this great platform, signup with our affiliate program and earn 25% commission per each successful sale on our merchant site. 

Our Services

1: We offer free and paid music blogging and promotion
2: Cover Arts design
3: Website & Blog creation
4: Beat Production
5: Search Optimization for Blogs & Websites
6: Radio Placement (Online included)
7: Studio session
8: Sound Engineering, Mixing & Mastering of Songs
9: Music Production Training

Certificate of Business Registration (SMEDAN)




Top Placer for Professional Services in the 2021 Go Global Awards.


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