Top 10 African Female Rappers

The rap proceedings in Africa in 2022 saw a great incline better than any in recent times and so, we've decided to start the month with showers of roses on our rappers/femcees who have been outstanding and generous with their craft and have found us befitting to witness their era.

A couple of months ago, we highlighted 10 Alpha males who have dominated the scene with prolific and self sufficient rendition therefore standing the test of time, this week is for the Queens of the African Hip Hop Jungles, this ladies, through their various voices have given the narrative it's heroines. This list recognizes whoever isn't mentioned with the most reverence, and our gratitude to them, that perform the ritual of rap with all holiness and generosity. In no particular order, they are ;




 Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda known better by her pen name Bombshell Grenade' was born on the  31st of  December 1987 in Zambia to native parents.

She began her career in 2012 and first gained mainstream success through her single " The Berg" . She was later rewarded with the best female rapper in the 2021  AFRIMA annual awards.


Fifi Cooper


Refilwe Boingotlo Moeketsi was born 24 October 1991. Known also as Fifi Cooper is a South African RnB singer who got famous rapping. Awed for her lovely voice and rap diversity Fifi Cooper 's breakthrough  single "Chechela Morago" was welcomed by huge commercial success in 2010. She released her award winning debut studio album 20FIFI in 2015 to critical and mainstream appeal.

She is Ambitious Entertainment's very own before the internal brawl that saw many artists including FiFi leave. Daisies to this queen daily!


Eva Alordia


Elohor  Alordiah was born 13th of August 1989. Widely known as Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian rapper,  and liably the best in her country. A very rare piece to find, she has graced us with consistency that is clothed in Bars from head to toe!

She put out classics like "Deaf", and "War Coming", where she called the iconic Sir George Sauti for a timeless session!

Little is heard from her lately in the hip hop scenes but her versatile abilities has kept her thriving.. She has been seen on the internet expressing her feelings about the industry point blank.

A sensational rapper, put Roses at her doorstep next you pass by!




The self proclaimed Queen of rap was born Jocelyne Tracey of Ugandan descent. She is a talented rapper who got into the rap scene in Africa back in 2011. She rose to stardom in 2010 with the release  'fallen heroes', she was paired with well known Ugandan artists like Don MC,SP,DAVIS and also The Mwanba children choir.

Her  single 'How we do it' ,hit  the Ugandan charts and African music hip hop scenes with such weight unlike it before,  she instantly became a pet name in East Africa. The success of the track led to endorsement deals with Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

Subsequently, she dropped 'Alwoo' which in her native tongue translates ; Cry For Help.

The song was welcomed with positive criticism and commercial success, she tells the common African narrative of  domestic violence, sufferings and struggles and victory which is gained through persistence.

A powerful voice, indeed a queen!





Stephanie Asuai Eyime better known as Phlow and sometimes 'Phlowetry' is a contemporary Nigerian rapper and femcee born in Lagos Nigeria.

She was quickly known in Lagos not only for standing up to male counrerparts but also devastating them lyrically. Her debut E.P MAMIWATA was a viral sensation around Nigeria and is still trending.

Give them all to this young queen who is re penning history!




Is a South African new school  rapper , TV presenter and author born, Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi in Pretoria in September 1992. Her album 'The New Era Sessions' was dropped to mainstream success and was boosted by a short film, which went on to receive a South African Film and Television Award for Best Micro Budget. Her single 'Mbongo Zaka' which she featured Moozlie was her magnum opus as it topped the charts in major stations in SA on its first release week. She has worked with prominent rappers like AKA, Reason and Bigstar Johnson.

She is a source of inspiration to many and goddess to a few who truly understand the work she's put in through time for the last ten years.



Nadia Nakai


Nadia Kandava Nakai is a South African born Rapper and TV personality of Zimbabwean descent. She has been in the scenes since the first quarter of the last decade and by far the most dominant in the South African rap scene.

Her debut single 'Like Me' was released in September 2013 to mainstream success.The following year the late Icon, Riky Rick 

featured her on his song " Amantombazane ". Ever since her introduction, Nadia Nakai has found her way to remain relevant in the African rap scene especially South side. She is currently signed to Def Jam Africa and Family Tree Entertainment .



Eno Barony


Ruth  Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom was born in Tema on the 30th of  October 1991 to Ghanian parents. Eno released her debut single 'Wats Ma Name' to acclaim but was propelled by her 'Tonga'  and the remix of the track 'Tonga' by Joey and Sarkodie in 2014 .She went ahead to drop critically acclaimed songs like , 'God Is A Woman, which won the VGMA Best Rap Performance in 2021 ,Enough is Enough' and 'Force Them To Play Nonsense' which were both nominated the same year. She is claimed to be the first female rapper to hit a million YouTube views .

With a catalogue bigger than any other on the list she has been and still is very significant in the scene.

The African Muzik Magazine Awards in 2020 recognized her as the Best Female Rap Act In Africa .

Roses to these hip hop queen we're blessed to witness.