In a recent report, a former member of the love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast has been sued by Qushay Davis, a 26-year-old model for allegedly drugging and raping her in his house after inviting her over. 

This Sexual Battery charge is the most recent legal woe for producer Mally Mall.

According to her filing, she went to see him in L.A. around this same time last year. Mall was going to talk to her about her career in fitness. When she got to his house, he introduced her to a porn star named Jayla Foxx.

Despite being there to discuss business and having a company, at some point she decided to lay down on his bed to take a nap. 
It was then that Mall and Foxx went out to get drinks for everyone. According to her report, she became dizzy and blacked out after taking what she thought was Henessy. 

From his love for exotics, you could tell that he is a wild boy. 
They eventually told her, as per Davis, that they put Molly in her drink. TMZ reports that upon waking up, she was being massaged by a masseuse. This is where it gets weird.

Davis stated that Mall then started to slap her to stay awake though she was still foggy, she remembers him saying, “You’re my new b*tch,” and “You’re my Jayla number two.” Davis also asserts that he gave her cocaine to take and tried to make her have oral sex on him, before actually penetrating and raping her.

In her documents, she says he put his full body on her and that she “feared for her life and worried that he would crush or choke her to death.”

TMZ further supports that she went to a medical professional to be examined and evidence shows that her “injuries were consistent with a rape.”

Davis suing him for sexual battery, false imprisonment, gender violence and infliction of emotional and physical distress.

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