Kylie Jenner Under Heat After 2-Year-Old Stormi Wears Custom Gold Door Knocker Hoops

(Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix)

There's nothing more adorable than when you have a cute kid whom your world revolves around, you would want to give all that you have just to see them smile. This Is the same case with Kylie Jenner. 

Kylie Jenner loves to spoil her beautiful 2 years old daughter, Stormi with the finer things in life. The 22-year-old beauty mogul, in a recent Instagram post shared the cutest photo of her 2-year-old baby girl wearing a pair of gold custom door knocker earrings with "STORMI" written in the middle.

The toddler could be seen admiring her hoops in the window of a car in the first snapshot, observing her reflection, with her curly hair done up on the top of her head. The 22 years old captioned it "Go best friend." 

The little girl already has a gold butterfly ring that Kylie gave her for Christmas, a bling diamond necklace with her name, a life-size playhouse, along with a bag collection that is slowly catching up to her mothers. When you got a billionaire mom, you can have whatever you like.

While some of Kylie's followers admire the gold hoops, others think they are a little too big for her daughter. Some of such critics commented, 'Those hoops are a bit big for the baby,' while another followed up with, 'Seriously? Blinged out at 2. Why does this family rush things? Let kids be kids.’

Just like every other caring mom, Kylie just wants the best for her daughter. But what do you think? 

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