‘Sex is so much better sober’ - Jessica Simpson

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“sex is so much better sober” because “you feel a lot more.” Revealed 39 years old Jessica Simpson during her appearance on the Coach Mike Podcast on Tuesday. 

The former reality star's new memoir, Open Book, digs deep into her relationship with alcohol, which she says she used to mask feelings of anxiety. With the support of second husband Eric Johnson, the pop star ultimately quit drinking in 2017, prompted by her realization that she was unable to dress her kids for Halloween because she was too intoxicated.

In solidarity, Johnson — with whom Simpson has three children, Maxwell, Ace and Birdie — also got sober, and the star says their sex life has never been better. 

“We had a lot of fun," Simpson said of the couple’s pre-sobriety days. “I’m not mad at our experiences together and we were madly in love with each other through it all."

She also called Johnson, a former NFL star, “the superstar in my life” and said he’s “sexy as heck” as a father.

“We are just connected mind, body and soul,” she shared. “That I never had with anyone, that spiritual connection through even, like, love-making, making babies kind of love.”

The former reality star credited therapy with helping her to stay sober and cited Johnson’s support as one of the “tools” she uses to manage her anxiety rather than turning to alcohol.

“He has no judgment, just as a therapist would,” she said. “I just ramble thoughts and he lets them go and just somehow he can let me talk without a filter ... He loves me for me. He loves me for my vulnerability and my bravery and my honesty, and if my perspective is off on things, you know, he knows how to get me back on the right track into my thought process and the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing, and to not have discouragement.”

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