Young Thug Gets Roasted For His Tweet About Zaya Wade.

Young Thug's social media is been flooded by fans after he purposefully misgendered 12 years old Dwyane Wade's child, Zaya Wade.

After gaining support from many people who came out to express their support for Zaya's bold declaration to live in her truth, Young Thug joins the vocal minority of those pushing back against Zaya's revelation that she identifies as a transgender girl. 

In a recent  tweet directed toward the teenager, the trapster wrote, "All I wanna say to [D.Wade] son is 'GOD DON'T MAKE MISTAKES' but hey live your true self." The tweet was originally posted on Wednesday but was later deleted. Although, he still has a previous tweet from the previous day that reads, "You're god's best Creation."

His inflammatory remark comes just hours after Boosie was hit with a barrage of backlash across social media for his sentiments about Zaya. The 37-year-old posted a transphobic tirade on his Instagram page admonishing Dwyane's acceptance of his child's identity. Similarly, Young Thug got the same treatment online as well.

This got some people wondering why Thugger would make such a comment against Zaya's decision,  .given that he has previously voiced that  "there's no such thing as gender" in a 2016 Calvin Klein campaign and spoke up in defense of country trap star Lil Nas X after the 20-year-old disclosed his queer sexuality in 2019. 

Thus far, Zaya's parents (Dwyane Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union)  are yet to publicly respond to Thugger and Boosie's commentary. However, the internet has been swift in expressing their disappointment at Thugger's hypocritical stance toward Zaya's decision.

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