Hightauer ft Soulcat E-Phife & Marie - MMIB (MusikmachenimBlock)"

Coming to you all the way from Vienna, Austria, rapper Hightauer presents the multi-language first single "MMIB" featuring fellow Austrian MC/producer Soulcat E-Phife and vocalist Marie off his upcoming EP "Xeno".

Afrofuturistic rapper and beatmaker Hightauer met the tough, sophisticated and soulful female MC/producer Soulcat this year and immediately felt a mutual creative vibe.

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They wrote the lyrics to "MMIB" (produced by Kapitel Kool & Jahcopin) in a single day, drinking Gin Tonic on the rocks, recorded right away and collaborated with one of the finest jazzy voices Austria currently has to offer. "MMIB" (Makingmusicontheblock) or in german: "MusikmachenimBlock" featuring Marie is this hypebreaking trio's homage to the oldschool of Hip Hop. The music video incorporates elements from the legendary "Drop" video by The Pharcyde, another proof of the strong 90's affinity of this group.

Hightauer's new EP "Xeno" will be available in all digital music stores on 9/25.

About Hightauer:
Hightauer, a 6 ft. 2 black afrofuturist fella from Vienna, Austria, is a very much promising part of the multimedia collective Synaptic Showdown. As a saxophonist, breakdancer and rapper he quickly built a hype around himself - whoever listens very carefully to »Freigeist«: Hightauer stays with his colleagues with a shoutout. With further projects such as symbiotic illustrations by Tintscha, the melancholic songwriter YKO, and music videos by Kannpass, the Viennese collective, founded about a year ago, tries out many genres. Hightauer's first EP »Affentempel« - an Ode to NuJazz - was also published here. 
This fall, 09/25 to be exact, his new EP "Xeno" drops - be ready for some superfly features and the notorious jazzy vibes as well as chilled out energy this artist brings.

About Soulcat E-Phife:
Dominican born afro-latina Soulcat E-Phife or Soulcat E5 as well as DJ Soulcat specializes on the boombap and east coast rap. Even if E's Newschool, Soulcat will always be down for the Oldschool and the Funk. She's a Hip Hop & House producer, a 90's baby still workin' the 1's and 2's for a living, in love with percussions, a former flight attendant as well as a feminist, a mother and a lyricist. Her roots are in Santo Domingo and she made it to Europe in her early childhood years, where she started out drumming and later singing in an Austrian Jazz Band. "Quickly I realized as a singer I don't have enough bars to say what I wanna say" and "money made me do it" are just two of her quick witted answers on why she started rapping or even music in general. But when you listen to her rhymes and beats and flows you'll soon realize that woman just doesn't want to justify - "Prepare for warfare" is on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, what have you - and it's just the beginning.

About Marie:
Marie - a simple name holding a great bandwidth of musical skills. The austrian pop/jazz singer with tunesian roots studied jazz and improvised music at Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. Her latest album "I rise" produced by Austrian Rapper/Producer DEF ILL, has been released in April 2019 and is available in all digital music stores and streaming platforms. Reflected Lyrics meet feminist topics - between social functioning and morbid lethargy.

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