Claudia Jordan Tweets "Rest in Paradise DMX" & Social Media Loses It

 We haven't yet received a full update about DMX's recovery, but Claudia Jordan has reportedly created a firestorm online.

Over the years Dark Man X has struggled with addiction and revealed only recently that it was his mentor who got him hooked. DMX shared that he was 14-years-old when he smoked a blunt laced with crack cocaine, unbeknownst to him, and it sent him down a path of addiction that he wasn't prepared for. Fans continue to cheer for DMX during his hospital stay and he's been applauded worldwide as prayers in dozens of languages have poured onto social media.

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

There have been differing reports making ways on the social media regarding DMX's status, but his family and friends have honored the rapper by holding a vigil outside of the hospital. Tributes have covered social media platforms for days as everyone has banded together, hoping that DMX will soon return home. However, on Tuesday (April 6) evening, Fox Soul talk show host Claudia Jordan suggested that DMX has passed away.

A tweet that is no longer on her account began circulating. "Rest in Paradise DMX. [red heart emoji][crown emoji][praying hands emoji]," Jordan stated. Soon, panicked fans rushed online in disbelief, looking for confirmation from the rapper's family. Because an announcement hasn't arrived, fans aren't giving up hope. They are, however, giving Jordan grief. Later, she responded, "I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that DMX is scheduled for more tests this week and he's still on life support.

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