Asian Doll Releases Emotional New Single "Don't Let Me Go" On King Von's Birthday

 Asian Doll releases a heartfelt new song on King Von's birthday.

We don't often hear Asian Doll getting all emotional in her music, but on what would have been her ex-boyfriend King Von's twenty-seventh birthday today, she's opening up to her fans with a heartfelt new single called "Don't Let Me Go."

The track appears to be the first release off Asian's upcoming album release. It serves as a love letter to the late King Von, with whom she shared strong feelings. "Don't let me go baby, I mean this shit for real/I'ma give you all of me this time, I hope you feel," she raps in the chorus.


In her first verse, she references all the drama surrounding Von's death, her immediate reaction to his passing on social media, how she's been perceived by fans during her grieving process, and much more. Listen to the new song below and let us know what you think.

Long live king Von

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