Dropbox offers Mac screen recording as part of remote working updates

Dropbox is offering its own Windows and Mac screen recording apps as one of three updates to help with remote working.

Although you can already do this with QuickTime or commercial third-party apps, Dropbox says its focus was on creating a free tool that is both powerful and easy analytics.
Dropbox Capture is available as a beta across both personal and business plans.

For many, remote work has meant endless hours of video meetings, constant chat messages, and long emails in place of the kind of dynamic communication that comes from being in the same room. Customers who work across time zones have told us they need new ways to provide context for their content without adding more meetings and emails.

Dropbox Capture is an all-in-one visual communication tool that helps team members share their work and ideas asynchronously.

Replace lengthy emails and documents with short video messages to communicate with your team in less time.

Bring clarity to your message by visually presenting your work through easy-to-take screen recordings, GIFs, and screenshots.

Convey context and connect more deeply with personalized messages.

Free up your calendar and avoid impossible meeting scheduling across timezones by recording and sharing status updates and work-in-progress with your team.

Capture can be accessed at dropbox.com/capture

Dropbox Replay is a companion tool designed to comment and annotate these captures. It isn't available yet, but you can join a waiting list to get early access.

The same is true of the third tool, Dropbox Shop, intended to help creators sell digital content like stock photos and video clips.

Dropbox Shop lets you sell digital content creations you have stored in Dropbox. 

Easily create product listings in three clicks. Add content directly from Dropbox or your computer, set a custom image, audio, or video preview, and determine your price

Automatically deliver content upon payment so you don't have to manage facilitating payments and delivering content with customers

Share product listings directly with customers or via social media and maintain 100% ownership over your customer base

Keep your content safe with required customer email validation for additional downloads

Evaluate your listings with aggregate-level sales, views, and revenue analytics.

You can join the waiting list by clicking this URL https://experience.dropbox.com/form/shop-sign-up

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