Freddie Gibbs is the latest guest on the Hot Boxin' with Mike Tyson  podcast.

During the chit-chat, the Grammy Award-nominated MC was asked if he'd get in the boxing ring with pesky internet troll 6ix9ine who has, on more than one occasion, challenged fellow rappers to a celebrity boxing match. Gangsta Gibbs was quick to blow off the challenge and instead, make some surprising personal revelations about the controversial rap figure's music.

"You think I could handle Tekashi 6ix9ine?" he says. "The fuck? That's like a pitbull and a chihuahua. That muthafucka like 5'3. Muthafuckas like that get fucked up. Ain't nothin' tough about a guy like that."

When Tyson says 6ix9ine has a speech impediment, Gibbs replies, "He just a little Mexican muthafucka. He just say n-gga a lot.  I ain't gonna even lie, I liked some of his songs when he first came out. I liked that shit. I ain't with that snitching shit, but he was a good artist though.

"Muthafucka can't really take that away from him. He's a good artist; definitely an entertaining ass n-gga. When the shit get into all that legal shit, I don't even know. I don't really fuck with that."

He added, "I don't fuck with no tough guys. All these muthafuckas in the industry … rap the only industry where n-ggas fake tough."

Celebrity boxing events have been on the go for since last year or so. In June, 6ix9ine claimed he would easily overtake Lil Durk in a fight while clowning Blueface for his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ambitions.

"The only time people talk about Blueface is when he's not doing music, so I don't know what the fuck you talking about," he said in an Instagram video. "Like who the fuck is Blueface? Right now, I swear to my mom, I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with. He's gonna pay $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money he's getting paid for. What the fuck you talkin' bout?

"You get Lil Durk in the ring right now, I'm eating him alive. I will violate him on King Von's grave. He's gonna hit me with the bitch ass shit he's doing now — nothing. He gonna hit me with the, 'Yo, you making it hot right now, bro. Chill, chill [laughs]."

6ix9ine had an opportunity to get into an actual fight during UFC 266 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last month. As 6ix9ine made his entrance, he was greeted with taunts and insults by a few unruly people in the crowd who promptly called him a bitch and threw a drink at him.

"Hey 6ix9ine, you a punk boy!" they shouted. " You a pussy n-gga! You a bitch!" 6ix9ine turned around and tossed a drink right back as the man screamed, "I'll beat the shit out of you punk boy! Bitch! You a straight ho 6ix9ine! You a straight ho!"

6ix9ine's security detail whisked him away before there was a chance to get physical.

A drink was thrown at 6ix 9ine during UFC 266

— The Boss Affiliate (@thebossaffilia) September 26, 2021

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