How to Earn More as a Publisher with CPM Ads

Have you ever prepared or kept something that would grow, in days and then you go to sleep with Great expectations hoping, believing with great Faith that it would manifest greatly beyond your expectations?? 

Yes, I guess 

How about waking up and then you find it all failed, destroyed or not working.
It is like Anticipating Power to be restored and boom it was restored after rushing to charge your phone when plugged only for you to go and find that it was not charged and the power had gone out.

CPM means Cost per mile..

It is the traffic generated from every Ad advertised online 
The wider the ad spreads the more money the advertiser gets 

Then what if it fluctuates, it feels recklessly worrisome,  some reasons for this Fluctuations could be:
It helps you understand if the quality of your traffic is good or not – your profit will increase if you have good quality traffic

CPM can guide your SEO efforts – When you start monetizing traffic you can check through your cabinet, which countries/ devices/ operating systems, etc., are highly paid by advertisers. Knowing this, you can invest effort and money on the best- performing slices of traffic.
As much as Fluctuations could dampens ones spirit, it's also helps you keep in check and work faster and harder in making sure your ads grows bigger and better...
So when this happens instead of feeling failed use it rather to check the loophole and make ads worth doing....

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