Missy recently revealed a funny backstory behind the adlibs on Aaliyah's "4 Page Letter" single.

At the beginning of the song, Aaliyah says, "Yo, turn my music up. Up some more. Up some more. Up a little bit more." The "Lost Control" rapper stated that the adlibs were a cut mistake from a demo she sent over to the late singer. "Fun fact," she said on Twitter. "When I was in the booth singing this, my engineer had the music too low, so I was telling him to turn it up, but Aaliyah thought I meant to do it so she sung it like I did on the demo but it was a mistake," she wrote. "But she loved it. so we kept it like that."

"4 Page Letter" is one of Aaliyah's most notable singles. The song was written by Missy Elliot and produced by Timbaland, the track climbed the charts reaching number 20 on Billboard's hot 200 upon its release. The track came from Aaliyah's second studio album, "One in a Million," which also includes tracks like "If Your Girl Only Knew," "Hot Like Fire," Ladies in da House," and more. The album was first released in August of 1996 and has sold over 3 million copies in the United States and 8 million copies worldwide.

Aaliyah's music will forever live in our hearts. What is your favorite Aaliyah track?

Missy Elliot shares how the beginning of "4 Page Letter" came about | Aaliyah pic.twitter.com/NymqybuWBO

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