50 Cent left the street life years ago and has since evolved into a successful rapper-turned-television producer. But during his rise to Hip Hop infamy, the Queens native frequently rapped about being raised by his drug-dealing mother and the violence he witnessed in his South Jamaica neighborhood. By age 12, he was dealing drugs and in danger of being swallowed by the streets. After multiple arrests, he ultimately stumbled upon rap and was able to make a better life for himself.

So when Young Thug and Gunna were both arrested this week as part of a 56-count RICO indictment, 50 Cent was one of the many weighing in on the situation. On Thursday (May 12), the 46-year-old shared an Instagram clip of his 2018 verse from "Get The Strap" featuring 6ix9ine, Casnaova (who just pleaded guilty to RICO charges) and Uncle Murda, reminding everyone his hands are clean.

"I am not gang gang," he raps. "I do not gang bang. But play me like I'm pussy and I will pull up and bang bang." He added in the caption, "I just don't like the word Rico or conspiracy."

50 Cent's post garnered plenty of comments from his rap peers, including collaborator Uncle Murda, G-Unit alum Tony Yayo and producer Hi-Tek.

The irony of 6ix9ine being on the song isn't lost. Shortly after the "Get The Strap" video dropped, the controversial rapper was arrested on racketeering charges (much like Young Thug and Gunna) and quickly agreed to cooperate with the federal government in order to bring down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and get a lighter sentence.

After 6ix9ine's arrest, 50 Centdisavowed his former collaborative partner and said he "wouldn't fuck with him again," to which 6ix9ine replied, "Won't be the first time 50 abandons his son…. lemme just mind my business."

But when does 6ix9ine ever mind his business? He's already weighed in on Young Thug and Gunna's arrests,trolling both of them on social media. On Tuesday (May 10), 6ix9ine used his Instagram Stories to suggest Gunna would snitch using a clip of him from the 2021 film Dutch. 

In the clip, Gunna is being questioned by authorities in an orange jumpsuit when he says, "Get me McDonald's, and when you come back, I might remember something. Can you do that?" to which an investigator replies, "Oh yeah. Big Mac, fries, Coke?" As for Young Thug, 6ix9ine suggested he was gay and jail would allow him to be free.

"Now bro can be himself," 6ix9ine wrote alongside a photo of Thugga in a dress wearing lipstick. "I wish it was fake," he added alongside another photo of Thug in a dress.

"Ok I'm done Na, free sis, I mean bro," he wrote before sharing a clip of Thug saying "I want your man" and replying, "there's plenty men in there." 

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