Maliibu Mitch & B-Lovee collab to make a New York-style banger.

Maliibu Mitch is a rapper with a lot of flavors. Being of African American, Vietnamese, and Filipino descent, the 31-year-old entertainer knows how to adapt to different types of music.

In her newest single, "Slide," Maliibu hops on a bass-thumping, drill record to show her diversity. As the suspenseful beat starts, Mitch comes in with an intro. In a deep voice she raps, "Tell him to pull up b*tches ain't move none. If he outside tell him to slide..." as drums begin to overtake her lyrics.

The North Carolina artist uses her first verse to shout out a couple of the most prominent female rappers in the industry. Bragging about the recognition she receives, she spits, "The OG's be feeling me. Nicki be feeling me, Foxy be feeling me because I'm matching their energy." Before she slides into the chorus, Maliibu makes it known that she has haters who wish to take her spot.

After the catchy hook repeats itself twice, B-Lovee, a Bronx rapper, comes in with aggression. The 20-year-old's verse consists of him talking about going after his enemies and not falling for women. He rhymes, "F*ck that we spinning block after block. F*ck that we smoking opp after opp."

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Quotable Lyrics

Tell him to slide
Because I ain't no p*ssy, several computers
I'm with the shooters
They aim at your throat throwing shots with the Ruger

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