Ashoka - Splash Bros


Rockland County’s very own Ashoka is back with high-energy single ‘Splash Bros’. Though boasting talents of singing and songwriting, Ashoka’s latest single is jam-packed with bars delivered with the heated intensity of an artist hungry for acknowledgement as a rapper to fear and respect. ‘Splash Bros’ is the song to listen to while working out, or while planning world domination. Featuring on-trend caption worthy bars like ‘Ex-bitch cry me a river, okay!”, Ashoka uses the song to have his fun with braggadocious bars with chuckle-inducing punchlines.

The track features Phay, first generation Palestinian-American rapper from East Atlanta. Both artists find their flow on ‘Splash Bros’, thanks to their artistry and the talented production of Lucas Quinn.

Listen to ‘Splash Bros’ below.

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