FBG — short for Fly Boy Gang — have been in a feud  with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk's OTF collective in recent years. On 'Computer Murderers' Durk taunted FBG Wooski, who was shot in the head at a funeral in 2018, as well as FBG Cash, subliminally referencing the late rapper posing in front of a mural of late OTF rapper King Von.

"Check on your mans, I heard he got hit in his head (Hello?)/But he almost died so I can say his name 'cause he ain't dead (Wooski)/How you let a n-gga vouch for you who just got out the feds?/Sneaking pics by Von mural like lil' bro won't come out and spin (Grrah, grrah)," Durk rapped.