Man Who Was Injured in Nipsey Hussle Shooting Recalls Rapper's Last Words

Hussle's murder trial is underway, and on Monday (June 20), a second victim in the shooting took the stand to recount the incident that took Hussle's young life. 

According to Rolling Stone, Shermi Villanueva, 47, took the stand and recalled Nipsey's final moments. Villanueva stated that Nipsey laid on the ground after being hit and stated, "He shot me. He shot me." Villanueva added, "I heard it, and then I saw Nipsey fall. When I looked and see Nipsey, I started to run." 

Villanueva refused medical treatment at the scene, but his uncle, Kerry Lathan, was also hit. Villanueva remember learning of his uncle's injuries on the scene, "[My Uncle] was like, 'I'm shot aslo.' We were paying attention to Nipsey, and he was like, 'I'm shot also.' I told him, 'Don't move,' because he said he was shot in his back, and it was possible he could have a spinal injury." 

This comes after Nipsey's close friend Herman "Cowboy" Douglas, who worked at Nipsey's The Marathon store, took the stand to speak about the conversation he overheard between Nipsey and his accused killer, Eric Holder. Douglas told the courtroom, "Hussle] told him friend to friend, ‘I heard some paperwork floating around.' He said, 'If you ain't telling, you need to handle it. You just caught a case — we need to know your paperwork!'" Douglas also added that he never heard Nipsey call Holder a "snitch," despite previous reports. 

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