“He already dropped out of high school by the time he got with us,” Jim said. “But we tried to get him back in school, but he’s just a special kid. He’s one of them people they call like an idiot savant; When it comes to music, a person that’s a genius in what he does and is more or less on the terms of music and shit like that. He’s so much of a genius in what he does. That’s something that we need to curate and take care of it and make sure that he puts all his energy into that.”

He continued, “We chose to turn music into a school. I mean that by all means. Like Cam really had him inside of a musical school. It wasn’t just partying heartily and shit like that. If he didn’t have his shit together, he couldn’t go out with us to certain concerts. He couldn’t go out with us to certain clubs, and shit like that. He had to finish music and not just finish music, make music that could make us some money and put him in a different position and shit like that.”