Stephen Jackson Claps At Fake ‘Gangsta’ NBA Players Who Rap About Street Life: ‘When Did This Become Cool?’ (VIDEO)

Being gangster back in them days was cool, hell - them gangsters were getting things done and getting dough! The likes of NWA crew and so on. They were revolutionaries and some of such people like Pac was always catching court cases. This however left a print in the mind of yungin's is the way forward. Therefore, rappers wanna be ball players while the ball players wanna be rappers.


Unfortunately, not everybody can be Master P!

Stephen Jackson, a former NBA champion, is throwing light on a disturbing trend in the NBA where young players are trying to be rappers on the side, which is fine, but their lyrics are a big issue as they are talking about things they have never experienced.

“Shooting at somebody is not a good feeling. Being shot at is not a good feeling. So why do yall wait till yall get money and wanna start rapping about shooting down on people when yall ain’t come from that. None of yall came from it, but yall wanna rap about all these drugs that yall didn’t grow up doing. When did this become cool?”

Some of the most notable players in the league that rap on the side are Damian Lillard(who is actually good), Marvin Bagley, Lonzo Ball, Andre Drummond, Aaron Gordon, and Miles Bridges.

There’s no telling who Jackson was listening to that set him off, but the message is important and clear.

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