Top Free Music Production Plugins of the Week

 No doubt, it is not easy being a music producer - making all that great sounds and tunes for our listening pleasure. Music production entails dedicating time, energy, skills and finance to buy the production gadgets, DAW and plugins. Hence, the reason why i make this post.

Below are three music production plugins you can get for free this week.

 TAL Software TAL-Reverb-4

TAL-Reverb-4 has been on the lists of best free reverb plugins for years. So it’s heart warming that the developer has just given the classic a big update! Besides a wonderful new GUI, TAL-Reverb-4 has received a new tune control for shimmering reverbs, a dampener, and ducking. They’ve also made an improvement on the overall quality of the reverb, so it doesn’t take a scientist to predict that TAL-Reverb-4 will remain a freeware favorite for years to come.


  • Modulated vintage reverb sound.
  • Very diffuse sound.
  • Fast build up time, also with long reverb sounds.
  • Works on almost every audio material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Only stereo channels supported. 

Get it by clicking on this url

Bedroom Producers Blog Dirty Filter Plus

Dirty Filter Plus by Bedroom Producers Blog improves upon the original by adding four distinct distortion modes. In addition to tube distortion, you can now choose from acid-style distortion, lo-fi dust, and bitcrushing. Besides the new distortion modes, BPB has added separate slope controls for the high-pass and low-pass filters. Moreover, the GUI is now resizable. A very cool and versatile filter plugin that’s just gotten even better!

The plugin now comes with four completely different Dirt modes:

  • Mode A (Original) – The classic tube-style distortion that made you fall in love with the original BPB Dirty Filter.
  • Mode B (Acid) – This is what your recordings would sound like if sprinkled with acid. Hint: It sounds great on 303 basslines.
  • Mode C (Dust) – This is a mellow and somewhat “dusty” distortion mode that results in an instant lo-fi sound.
  • Mode D (Cyber) – Reduces the bit depth and sampling rate, resulting in a carefully tuned bitcrushed sound.

 Get it here

Infected Sounds Littl3-P

Despite Little Phatty never reaching the popularity of other Moog synths (mainly due to its lack of knobs), it paved the way for modern classics like the Sub 37. Infected Sounds Littl3-P is an emulation of the Little Phatty with a knob-laden GUI, three LFOs, an additional envelope, built-in effects, additional filter modes, an 8-voice unison engine, and other improvements. The software synth comes with 100 presets to jump-start your creativity.

Main features:

  • Includes over 100 presets
  • Over 16 waveforms
  • 2 x Oscillators with morph
  • 1 x Oscillators Mix
  • 5 powerful FX modules to bring your sound to life
  • Unique Unison engine with 8 voices per oscillator
  • 1 Ladder filter with 12 & 24 dB + Vowel Filter
  • 3 LFO’s with over twenty waveforms
  • 1 Filter Envelope
  • 1 Pitch Envelope
  • 1 Amp Envelope
  • AM Mod to shape your sound
  • Portamento / Legato for those bendy notes

Get it here 


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