Uncle Murda - "Rap Up 2022" | Lyrics & Music


Happy holidays
Let me come here and talk to you
I gotta stop saying I'm not doing this shit no more knowing I'm capping
(Great John on the beat by the way)
I'm officially part of the holidays like Mariah now nigga (Wow)

Let's go

Y'all couldn't wait for this shit to drop, it's part of hip-hop
Will Smith really went and smacked the shit out of Chris Rock (He did)
He laughed at the joke at first until he saw his wife's demeanor
Chris Rock ain't know Jada was bald because of alopecia (He didn't)
That's something a majority of people know nothing about
But I bet you he won't put her name back in his fucking mouth (He won't)
Live at the Oscars, you can't make up this story
Her boo August Alsina got beat up by Tory
Jada probably called him to see if he was OK
I wonder how she felt when she found out that he was gay
That's who you cheated on Will for, let me fucking stop
August gon' fuck around and catch the monkeypox
I'm just saying y'all do know how it begins spreading
I disrespect niggas every year and I don't regret it
Let's talk about Kanye being anti-Semitic
The Adidas deal that made him a billionaire got deaded
Now he only worth about 4-5 hundred Ms
He lost his mind when Pete Davidson started fucking Kim
He be dressing dusty now, he don't even look rich
He been looking stressed since that white boy took his bitch
You already know Jay-Z been knowing that he violated George Floyd
Black people ain't supporting him (We ain't)
He was on Drink Champs sounding like a fucking clown
Nore and them had to go and take the interview down
He defended the cop that had George Floyd on the ground
He say dumb shit whenever there's a camera around
And it's like he say that shit without no hesitation
His friends need to make sure he's taking his medication
Maybe he ain't crazy and that's really how he feel
Lately he keep taking shots at Diddy and Meek Mill
No more Yeezys, no more Balenciaga deal
Banned from Instagram, damn that nigga gotta chill
Fuck donkey of the day, he donkey of the year bro
Even Pusha T had to cut ties with that weirdo
He did it to himself, I really don't understand that nigga
What the fuck would make him go and say he a fan of Hitler?
He confused, Kanye wanna be a cracker
That nigga made t-shirts saying white lives matter
Enough about Kanye and all the stupid shit he did
Tiffany Haddish did some weird shit with some little kids
Balenciaga did some weird shit with some little kids
R Kelly put an album out admitting what he did
Nobody cares he got 30 years when he went to trial
We ain't trying to be out here screaming free a pedophile (Nope)
Let's talk about Freddie Gibbs, like really what's up with him?
Niggas robbed him in Buffalo and he got beat up again
He be out here looking like a cold-blooded sucker
I know Ashanti regretting letting Irv Gotti fuck her
Every interview he do he got her name in his mouth
Either he's obsessed with her or he's just chasing clout (Come on)
Shit corny, even Fat Joe had to call him out
You mad she fucking Nelly nigga that's what it's all about
Stacy Dash dumb ass on Instagram crying
Like she just found out about DMX dying (Shut up)
Keyshia Cole thought Antonio Brown was her man
AB treated her like she a one night stand (Crazy)
You thought he was feeling yout Keyshia, naw he was drunk (He wasn't)
He fucked you a couple times and stopped picking up (Damn)
Scotty Pippen stressed out hearing all the rumors
About his ex-wife fucking with Michael Jordan Jr
Future already had his thumb all in that ho butt
Michael B and Lauri Harvey broke up
Diddy had a daughter, congratulations my brother
Young Miami trending cause she not the baby mother
Academics called her one of Diddy's side joints
Right now them City Girls is down a thousand points (They down)
Saweetie fucked Lil Baby, I knew she was a freak
Her album flopped, it only did two thousand the first week (That's it)
She put a record out dissing Quavo, bad timing
Honestly she sound better on mute when she rhyming (She do)
Glorilla said some shit and I couldn't believe it
She like niggas nutting on her food before she eat it (That's nasty)

I said I wasn't gonna do it, y'all know that wasn't true
This my favorite time of year, y'all know how I do
I disrespect niggas respectfully
They did it to themselves so fuck if they get upset with me
Y'all know what happened, y'all heard what happened but y'all don't care
Y'all still want me to talk about this shit every year
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy

Here we go
Yeah, new year, new money nigga, it's the rap up
Everybody get it nigga
We don't give a fuck about no fucking industry niggas or bitches
We back
It's the rap up
We the niggas that don't care about the red carpet
Thanks 50
Murda let's go

Young Thug and Gunna got hit with the RICO
They using rap lyrics against them and that shit is illegal (Damn)
They let Gunna go and we trying to figure out what happened
(He snitching)
He took a plea deal, Lil Boosie say that nigga ratting
Gunna pushing pleas. Young Thug still stuck in jail
Niggas saying Gunna new name is I'm gonna tell
Until we all know the facts we shouldn't speak on that
If Thug ain't tell him to take that deal then he a rat
He was on Crime Stoppers before looking bad
He the new 6ix9ine on the 'Gram this shit is sad
We saw that video of him in court, he a yes man
Is YSL a gang that nigga said yes ma'am
Yes ma'am I know about crimes that they committed
That was Jeffery's stuff in that car when y'all caught me in it
You can plead the fifth on certain shit but that don't matter
You got Charleston White calling you his favorite new rapper
You ain't have to take that deal my nigga free the slime
You ain't do shit, you wasn't facing no real time
Tory Lanez and Megan trial was like a soap opera
Still don't know if Tory Lanez or that girl Kelsey shot her
But we know Megan lied about fucking Tory
And she get drunk like she on Drink Champs with Nore
And we know her and DaBaby was intimate
It's embarrassing for her man hearing about who was hitting it
Imagine when he fucking now, what he be thinking about
On top of that, she got kicked out of Kylie Jenner house
Tory could have fucked Kylie if Megan wasn't hating
Wonder how Travis Scott feel about that situation
Tory found guilty, they did him foul
Too many inconsistencies, should have been a mistrial
As far as DNA being on that gun his was not
A witness said they saw a female take the first shot
They was all drunk and high, shit just went too far
Megan should have never made Tory get in that car
Now we gotta try to unpack a whole lot of shit
Kelsey could have shot her like Remy shot a bitch
I'm just saying y'all acting like that shit is impossible
I ain't picking sides, I'm just trying to be logical
Tory Lanez father blaming Jay-Z and Roc Nation
Jay-Z ain't tell your son to go and shoot Megan
He an independent artist, he make his own decisions
He might get deported after he do his time in prison
He can win the appeal but he need a lot of help
If him or Kelsey ain't do it then that bitch shot herself
Think about it any [?] could be the shooter
Don't take what I say personal that's just my sense of humor
Why Tory call that girl from a phone in prison
Knowing they record them calls and was gon' listen
He supposed to know better, people was uncertain
Now it's looking like they convicted the right person
Man niggas ran up in the church like it's a stickup
It was only 8 people in there when the robbed the bishop
When I heard about it real talk I burst out laughing
God don't like ugly that's why he let that shit happen
He was out here scamming people in the name of god
Feds came and locked up him I know he was a fraud
He be dressing like a rapper that shit ain't even funny
He be buying Louis and Gucci with them people money
Ma$e said Diddy robbed him, I believe that shit
That's what happens when you sign a contract and don't read that shit
Now Ma$e saying he Diddy 2.0
Same deal Puff gave him he gave Fivio
They was on Gillie and Wallo show going at it
Before you sign a contract, let your lawyer look at it
That's a million dollar worth of game that I just gave you
Even Meek Mill getting [?] by his record label
T.I. trying to become a comedian
Whoever told him he was funny was fucking misleading him
He couldn't deal with the audience being rude
It was funny seeing him get mad when he getting booed
And he snitched on his dead cousin, I'm not lying
He said his cousin told him to do it cause he was dying
That's some real shit, I get it, you needed help
But I feel like it's certain shit you should keep to yourself
And I don't know who was holding who down when they was shooting
But how the fuck niggas let Takeoff get killed in Houston
They went from arguing to fighting to shots fired
I don't want to say no names, not trying to get no one indicted
Akademiks and the internet spread a foul rumor
But they already caught the nigga that 'posed to be the shooter
We keep losing good niggas, niggas should be ashamed
He was one of the coolest niggas in the whole rap game
Life too short, you never know when the ending is
Hope Offset and Quavo settle they differences
PNB Rock died during a robbery in front of his baby moms, that shit right there bothered me
Could have just robbed him, wasn't no need for killing
Man, that shit sad, imagine how his kids feeling
And y'all owe his baby moms an apology
Niggas saw him pulling up that's what led to the robbery
Rappers started blaming her for posting up pictures, but that shit happen, learn to mine your fucking business
Another good brother gone niggas should be ashamed
It ain't worth killing niggas over no watch and chain
They caught the kid who did it that nigga never coming home
They locked his father up too he ain't do that shit alone
If bad parenting was person it's that nigga
He was the getaway driver that shit wack nigga
Being a rapper getting hard this shit ain't easy
We really out here becoming the new endangered species

I said I wasn't gonna do it, y'all know that wasn't true
This my favorite time of year, y'all know how I do
I disrespect niggas respectfully
They did it to themselves so fuck if they get upset with me
Y'all know what happened, y'all heard what happened but y'all don't care
Y'all still want me to talk about this shit every year
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy

We the niggas that don't care about the red carpet
(Great John on the beat by the way)

I was on tour for four months we was overseas
Did 55 shows in 45 countries
Every venue sold out fans lined up waiting
50 really did that with no help from Live Nation
I was playing Uno in private jets eating healthy
Niggas ain't believe in me 50 did now I'm wealthy
I was on Facetime showing shit to my daughter
Me and Yayo in Dubai driving cars Law and Order
Master P broke can't afford to put his kids to college
I thought he was rich that nigga always be kicking knowledge
Romeo exposed him that nigga really hate him
He said you stole all his money nigga you never paid him
Why he do that to Lil Romeo? That's wack
He finally about to get his first check off Rap Snacks
Never met a nigga in the hood that eat that shit
That shit tastes straight like dirt y'all can keep that shit
Brittney Griner came home and exchanged for a trade
Russia got the best part of that deal we got played
I'm happy she home but really tryna understand
How we let a Russia arms dealer go for juwanna man
I know she can rebound, shoot, and got a little dribble
But if we go to war can that bitch block a missile
I be on some bullshit I know people can't stand me
Benzino got caught up fucking with a tranny
NBA Youngboy had Rich The Kid shook
Over a little picture with Lil Durk that he took
Hope he know Bobby Shmurda and Rich The Kid different
Bobby will really boom you nigga watch who you mention
[?] plan to trip with her friends I ain't letting her go
After seeing how they did that poor girl out in Mexico
She was on camera getting beat up relentlessly
With friends like that you don't need no enemies
Watch niggas even if you play on the same team
See how Jordan Poole got knocked out by Draymond Green
Ain't no being cool after that nigga no way
Trade him or trade me or we gon be fighting everyday
Draymond violated he know he was wrong
Or the Celtics head coach cheating on Nia Long
I don't know what would go and make him risk it all
Kanye caught Kim K fucking Chris Paul
He deserve it if that shit is true can't even front
Now he gotta give that bitch 200 bands a month
Gas prices up cause Russia waring with Ukraine
Abortion is illegal now that's inhumane
Why they tryna control what women do with they body
The government is weird they be out here moving ocky
They ain't got no morals they can't see that shit ain't right
Queen Elizabeth died I'm more sad about Betty White
Can't believe I'm about to say rest in peace to Kay Slay
The culture took a loss he was more than a DJ
Fuck COVID-19 that shit really took a legend
He was the first one to play me on Hot 97
Appreciate the opportunities that he gave me
Every Thursday night on the radio he played me
Niggas is on Instagram fronting saluting you
A lot of niggas you helped ain't pull up to your funeral
You know Remy said something as soon as they let her speak
She started looking around and said it's too many empty seats
Every Thursday night niggas had Kay Slay bumping
Rest in peace Drama King nigga was straight stuntin
Had a white boy in Buffalo shooting black people
In the supermarket can't believe people is that evil
Buffalo calling out for help but we don't hear it
Over here [?]
They had a snowstorm the other day 40 people died
They ain't even get warning telling them don't be outside
And they ain't locking niggas up no more for smoking weed
A$AP Rocky lucky Rihanna gave him a seed
Funny watching two niggas beef that could hardly fight
Like Soulja Boy getting pepper sprayed by Charleston White
Can't forget about the Super Bowl that was legendary
Dr. Dre, Snoop, Em, 50, Kendrick and Mary
Hip Hop lit they gon talk about that shit forever
Shout out to Jay-Z he helped put that shit together
I been in this booth for over 10 minutes rapping
How many kids this nigga Nick Cannon plan on fucking having
It's like he tryna get a hundred more girls pregnant
And overturning Roe vs. Wade ain't helping
You moving like a munch we know what you about
Drake unfollowed Ice Spice after he flew her out
And I'm on Gervonta side females do too much
He ain't do shit she put shit on his toothbrush
And I ain't about to start stop wearing Nike
Cause they decided to stop doing business with Kyrie
But when he get his new sneaker deal I'ma go support it
Buy 10 pair for the gram let my man record it
Bill Cosby going back on tour he play too much
LeBron James think Jeffrey Jones is a racist fuck
Steven A. Smith tried to defend him on his show
Saying that the picture was from 65 years ago
When they asked Jeffrey about it he was real nonchalant
Like I don't really give a fuck y'all can think what y'all want
He really is racist that nigga a hot mess
He was at that protest tryna stop progress
JD said he created 106 & Park
Bow Wow said that's cap regarding those remarks
Even Steven Hill responded saying that was cap
Caresha won the BET award Diddy paid for that
Niggas mad at Deion Sanders for leaving Jackson State
He ain't doing nothing wrong go let that man be great
If he ain't leave niggas would've called him a fool
Saying he already did what he could do for that school
Blueface had got locked up for attempted murder
Him and Chrisean the new Ike and Tina Turner
Ray J was on Verzuz he was sounding sour
I hit better notes than that when I sing in the shower
How they catch Brett Favre stealing from welfare
Free Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow they be home next year
A$AP Rocky shot a nigga that was his man
Well, allegedly, he caught him stealing and shot him in his hand
You could start [?] I'm almost finished
People really thought this shit was gon be 20 minutes haha
You know they can't fuck with me when it come to this shit
I ain't gon lie no more saying I'm done with this shit
Them DMs I be getting won't let me type
I'm part of the holidays now just like Mariah
Angela Yee and The Breakfast Club ain't rocking no more
They had a [?] I don't know what they stopping it for
Elon Musk fucking Twitter up people complaining
They liked it just the way it was we ain't nothing changing
These white people was really obsessed with Jeffrey Dahmer
Somebody finally put a baby in Kiki Palmer
Lil Tjay got shot the shooter had on a hoodie
Kevin Samuels died while being up in some pussy
I waited til the last minute to record this
It's crazy I just found out we lost Barbara Walters
You know they can't fuck with me when it come to this shit
I ain't gon lie ain't no more saying I'm done with this shit

I said I wasn't gonna do it, y'all know that wasn't true
This my favorite time of year, y'all know how I do
I disrespect niggas respectfully
They did it to themselves so fuck if they get upset with me
Y'all know what happened, y'all heard what happened but y'all don't care
Y'all still want me to talk about this shit every year
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy
Crazy, crazy, this shit crazy