Introducing Yung Vision

Yung Vision is a Hip-hop, rap artist and father. Mark Markulin (Yung Vision) was born on December,18,1997 at 7:27pm in Mobile Alabama, but Conceived in a Refugee Camp in herzegovina Bosnian. Drawing his inspiration from legendary Tupac Shakur, he coined the name "Yung Vision" heralding his passion for rapping as early as 7th grade, which his schooling endeavor came to a halt two years later after the death of his grandma and caregiver.

To mitigate the financial inadequacy, he gravitated towards getting money 'by all means '. Standing 6'2" tall, his masculine sporty physique would maybe have proved advantageous in a hopefully promising basketball career, but he never felt the need to, because his heart belonged to music.
Discovery of the popular rapper, Kevin Gates, made his previous hint of non-satisfaction in rapping fulfilled when he felt a transcendent connection to his life and vision of it. With songs like "Vvs-100 ", his youthful catchy technique of capturing hearts is conveyed through hypnotizing beats coupled with words of truth, his Holy Grail.

Perfecting his craft through lyrical testimonies and choosing to elevate his greatness, Vision possesses his struggle of being raised in the ghetto streets (Mobile, AL). A prolificacy in ghost writing and hooks for songs with a stellar 10.9k in streams propelled him to forge milestones further working with artists like: Lil-Boone, Mattastik, Dricka, Yung Blok, Lil-Duce, etc. You can find Yung Vision on Facebook through this link

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