Dan Moisan presents "YOU REMAIN YOU (TOI RESTE TOI )," a tribute to the authenticity of orientations, genders, and personalities.

"If the first stone is thrown at you, you'll have something to be proud of. While the world searches for its tune, you stay you!"

Dan Moisan, also known as Mosquito-B, is a Quebecois artist who has had a career in both English and French since the early 2000s. From performances in English pubs to concerts in front of 40,000 people, the artist always has the desire to move forward, sing louder, go further, and take risks. After returning to French with the album "ÇA." in 2023 (10 out of 11 tracks received airplay on Quebec radio), he's doing it again with this surprise single released from the Anglo sessions of the upcoming Mosquito-B album.

Moisan has opened for prestigious artists including ABC, Saga, Live, The Korgis, Honeymoon Suite, and Sound Of Contact.



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