With the year is almost running out but this does not deter rising Afrobeats star Damola Davis to prove there’s still more to look forward to this year. The Nigerian-born UK-based musician is back with his latest single, ‘Ijoya’. 

Exploiting the familiar rich sounds of Afrobeats, Damola Davis oozes a familiar confidence, encouraging dance and enjoyment, with his intentions evident from the first line of the catchy chorus. Taking a dive into his cultural heritage, ‘Ijoya’ was crafted in collaboration with burgeoning producer Vikwynbeatz. 

An addictive fusion of Afro sounds packed in punches from the get-go, with Damola’s silky playful voice soaking into the melody. Speaking on ‘Ijoya’, Damola said: “Ijoya is a Yoruba phrase which means “Time to Dance” or “Let’s Dance”. It is a danceable and relatable song that spreads a message of happiness and celebration, regardless of what life throws at you”. 

Damola Davis is no stranger to creating hot slappers, judging by last year’s antics; Leading up to the release of his third EP “What If I Kissed You?” released in July 2022, Damola Davis released hot new single titled “Don Dada”, which featured Afropop superstar L.A.X, and was widely supported by fans and tastemakers alike, and featured on mainstream radio stations. 

Revolutionising a new era of Afrobeats hitmakers, with no intentions of slowing down, listeners can expect a plethora of sounds from the talented star, as he continues positioning himself accordingly to leave a striking impact on the Afrobeats scene.

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