Stephen Altschuler reflects on personal life experiences in "Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas"

People sometimes ask me “So did you write the song out of personal experience?”

“Partly,” I usually answer.

"You see I did visit Las Vegas on a couple of occasions and, yes, I did cruise out of Vegas on my way home to the San Francisco area. And, yes, I did divorce my second wife shortly before this trip. But everything else in the song was a figment of my active imagination, which is probably true of most songs out there on the airwaves. It’s a road song, conjuring images and memories of such trips many of us have taken. That carefree feeling of cruising along an open road, without much of a care, reflecting on times, good and bad, behind us, and envisioning better times ahead."

"Such is life. And aren’t we fortunate to born as human beings who can think such things, causing a smile, a tear, a regret, a satisfaction, a hope, and perhaps, a lesson to be learned from past deeds."

Cruisin’ West Out of Vegas brings all of those possible thoughts and feelings into play. Take a moment and stream the song below.



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