RL Grime announces legendary ‘Halloween X’ Mix and first-ever live debut show

The trap lord popularly referred to as RL Grime has easily become a force ro reckon with in the music industry due to his immaculate production style when it comes to revolutionizing the beauty of trap music. 

It does not matter where you are in the world, one beat is all it takes for RL Grime to welcome you into his world of pure mystery infused with bass signatures. Clearly making big moves this year, RL Grime's legendary "Syclla" was also featured in the Space Jam trailer and that is only a tip of the iceberg of this trap legend's accomplishments throughout his career.  

Halloween is definitely a day to dress up and indulge in candy, but it is also the time for this trap legend to drop his highly-anticipated 'Halloween X' Mix. With RL Grime officially announcing his annual Halloween mix to be debuted this year at the Hollywood Palladium venue, this is the first time RL Grime has ever done this. Launching off on October 28th, the show will also feature global acts such as Juelz and JAWNS to kick off Halloween in the best way possible.

With various elements of hip-hop, bass, and trap-infused in RL Grime's Halloween mix, the first-ever live show will truly be an iconic moment for all those trap enthusiasts looking to get spooky for the the wee hours. 

If we look back in time on previous Halloween mixes from RL Grime, even drum and bass fanatics will be fully satisfied and spooked at the same time. Spreading the excitement with his fanbase, RL Grime shares "for the first time ever Halloween V Live." If that statement does not get you excited, there is clearly something wrong. With RL Grime hinting on his social media channels that he will be bringing friends and surprises during this show, Halloween could not come sooner for us. Be sure to grab your tickets to the one-of-a-kind Halloween event.

Check out RL Grime's official announcement and let us know if you will be attending in the comments below.

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