As an artist, dont just drop a link to your song and leave it at that.

Often at times alot of artists make that mistake, some be like;
"Yo! check this track out, it is fire"
Brother man, this is wrong!
One of the major reasons why major music blogs are not replying your email is because you don't give them reason to.

When submitting your song, give details like:
Your bio;
a brief introduction about who you are, where you are from, what you do, how long you been in the music industry, your discography, associate arts ect. Anything that will make the work easier for the blogger, we got enough stress already. Dont add up, else we might just ignore the mail!
About the song;
what is the song all about?
when was it produced?
who produced it?
what message are you hoping to preach with the song?
include everything that you think the blogger might need to make his work easy.
My candid desire is to see you at the top among the main ballers in the game, doing good flashing that blings and ice.
If you submit your songs the right way, no blogger will turn it down.
See you at the top fam!

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