TheGaurdian presents five new music genres to bump to in 2023

The current entertainment scene characterised by emos, punks and pop kids which all sit at the same lunch table, tho' without the touch of pop tribalism and where playlists are sorted by mood more than sound. Hence, some critics can conveniently say that genre is dead, and they’re kind of right. 

Yet even in this era of sonic slowdown, new styles continue to sprout up from strange corners of the internet and globalised communities. From niche dance styles blowing up on Nigerian TikTok to e-girls making Auto-Tuned punk in their bedrooms, there are still plenty of weird new genres to go around – they’re just not as easily organised into HMV’s racks and dividers (ask your parents). In a foolhardy attempt at taxonomy that will infuriate both artists and fans – as is traditional – here we have identified five of the most exciting new genres ready to blow up in 2023.

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