MEX FACTOR: Seven Wonders’ positive vibes music

  Many people know Leonel Ibarra from his band “John Leo and the Eggman” – perhaps one of the best tribute groups to the infamous mop-top Liverpool quartet. With the Eggman, “John Leo” Ibarra has performed as far as Europe and South America, without forgetting the concerts at the local and regional level.

But perhaps the facet few know about the Ibarra couple – Leonel and his wife Elizabeth, who is originally from Massachusetts – is the duet called “Seven Wonders.” The couple released an album in 2021 that little by little has managed to reach a small but very special audience. Many of the songs were composed more than a decade ago, when Ibarra had the idea of forming a band with his own songs.

A mixture of folk, classic rock, new wave and indie, as well as a Beatles influence, the songs surprise with their positive messages. The lyrics are easy to digest and the simple instrumentation allows the public to quickly catch the good vibes of the melodies.

“Their original music uplifts and inspires listeners while taking them on a musical journey through themes of love and the varied experiences of life’s many adventures,” the band says on its website. “Their original music reflects their passion for uplifting others while delivering a bright, vibrant and versatile sound to their songs.”

Ibarra said days ago in a telephone interview the album was produced during the pandemic lockdowns, when the couple had enough time to dedicate themselves to making an album.

Several of the songs had been recorded before but had not been finished until more recently.

From the album come “Irresistible”, “Got to Be Satisfied”, “El Son del Capuchino”, “Naturally I’ll Be There”, “Why Don’t You Care”, “Bright and Vibrant”, “Butterfly”, “Beneath the Stars” and “Fussy Baby.”

Of these songs, five have ended with videos that were produced by the same duet.

“We record, act and edit,” Leonel told me in the interview. “We used a green screen because we couldn’t go out due to the pandemic.”

The video for the song “Beneath the Stars” won third place in the music video category at the Imperial Valley Virtual Film Festival in 2021.

“This song is an anthem to finding what really makes one feel authentically satisfied; both in life and in romance,” the band says on their website. “It is a call to lift oneself up, to be aware, empowered, positive and confident ... with just a touch of sass and allure. This is the song to listen to when life is getting ya down; a reminder to look for what would bring some positive energy to the moment with one’s skills, dreams and passion. It is also a reflection on romantic allure, passionate desire and finding true fulfillment with one’s partner or romantic interest.”

“Naturally I’ll Be There” took 17th place in the 2022 International Independent Songwriting Contest last month after scoring 90 out 100 points.

“This review and result means so much to us songwriters,” the duet said in social media. “We will continue to strive to provide our fans with music fit to rank even higher in the future.”

It was when the Ibarras settled in California that the idea of producing original music began to be born, especially due to Elizabeth Ibarra’s voice, whose musical influences range from Joan Jett to Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton and Dolores O’Riordan.

“I had always been the main singer of my groups, but now she is the main voice,” Leonel, who is the band’s instrumentalist, commented in the interview.

The idea of the songs and their positive message is due to the fact that the couple is in a similar stage in the lives in which harmony prevails.

“That was the idea of the record,” Leonel said. “We left out several heartbreak songs.”

Unfortunately, the album has not had the sales that the duet expected.

“I didn’t expect to get rich, but I did expect my friends to listen to it,” Leonel added.

The singer-songwriter ensures that the videos on the YouTube platform are viewed for a few seconds. In contrast, the duet made a short 20-second video to promote the album, which was a resounding success.

“We made the album for ourselves,” Leonel said.

If you

’re feeling low these days, you can surely find some positive vibes by listening to the duet’s album at

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