Listen to 9ina’s “Rubberbandz”

 Beat killer named 9ina is a hip hop head from Columbus, Ohio who has been ripping every beat that’s come her way since a 2020 remix of “Heavy Steppers” with Bidney Blood. Belligerence is the norm for her.


This time around, she coes through with “Rubberbandz,”  on this track, her hostility is directed at those not focused on getting the bag as much as her: She calls a girl “weird” for not talking money (harsh) and asks a dude for his friend’s contacts when she finds out his pockets aren’t deep enough (hey, times are tough). 

The song’s breakneck pace and intensity makes it all feel a little more cruel. At one point she raps, “Said he want to link but that was never in the plans bitch/I might block a nigga just for thinking that he can hit,” not just rejecting a guy but laughing at him, too.