MachGang | A Rapper You Should Watch Out For

MachGang, birth name: Tadiwanashe Machiri is 20-year-old upcoming Hip Hop sensation all the way from Chandler, Arizona who was originally born in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

Although fairly new to the industry with only three releases, he
gained recognition with his first ever single “Get Out” charting at 100k+ and got around 150k streams on spotify alone. This young talented artist is not only an amazing musician, but he’s also well-rounded and diverse when it comes to being a jack of all trades.

He is also in school studying Electrical Engineering. MachGang's music hits you hard with a punch and the intensity is just on point. MachGang's lyrics are catchy with a witty approach. He's good at getting  the crowd's hype while still delivering a message.

His Shortcomings in Music: According to this great mind, His greatest short comings in music really comes from lack of funds and getting a bigger audience to hear his songs at least once. 
"Its nice to have Hip Hop sites like you guys the promote independent rising artist but outside of that not many people will even look for new talent unless you have already blown up a little bit. But hopefully I can keep getting posted on quality hip hop pages like you guys and I can also blow up" He said. 

His Greatest Moment of Success: "Honestly my greatest success was my first song. I had never rapped before I gave it my best shot and  6 months later broke 100k+ on spotify and that has been the fuel that makes me keep putting in the effort to create new music" He said. 

Origin: I was born in Zimbabwe and at a young age moved to the USA specifically Kansas and I lived there for 7 years and thats where I became a fan of the Kansas Jayhawks,Royals, and Chiefs. My family and I moved to Arizona after, where I played football, basketball, and soccer and am now attending the University of Arizona State studying eletrical engineering and pursuing music.

Influence: the people that influence me were three Arizona rappers, King Tut, Mando and Lil Mosey. All these people had started doing musical stuff and started blowing up and they were all around my age and I was thinking if they can do it why can’t I so I took a shot in the dark with the song and people liked it.

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