4,000 divorce applications already in 2020 - Abuja-based lawyer laments

One of the hardest things so far is marriage. Two different people coming together as one and trying to put aside their individual differences. Perhaps this is the reason why marriage is seen as a great achievement when it eventually works out.

Often at times alot of people give up and go separate ways, this seem to be the easiest thing to do this days.

 In a recent tweet from Annebrefa, An Abuja based lawyer, on Friday, February, 21, raised an alarm on the 4000 divorce applications that have been filed this year alone.

She added that those applications were those filed in the country's capital alone. Imagine if other states are factored in.

Annebrefa added that some of the marriages involved were just a year old. She ended her by asking "What is really happening?"
Are we going to be faced with more broken homes in the near future?