I've Unblocked You, 'Stop Crying Like A Bitch' | LL Cool J To Peter Rosenberg On Twitter.

“Yo @Rosenberadio I unblocked you so you can stop crying like a bitch with ya groupie ass,” Cool J wrote along with a series of laughing emojis. “@RockTheBells ch43 SiriusXM.”

At some point, Cool J apparently blocked Peter Rosenberg, Hot 97 radio personality on Twitter. But LL, being the cool guy he is, decided to unblock Rosenberg on Friday and provide a little comic relief in the process.

See the tweet below

Of course, Rosenberg quickly responded with a reference to  Ladies Love Cool James’ past beef with Canibus, which was reportedly squashed in 2014.

“This is not where you want to go Mr Smith,” he wrote. “I will go straight Canibus on that ass (yes he won btw) @llcooj.”