Man Who Texts Girlfriend About Molesting Kids Get 15 Years

In a recent report from PEOPLE, a Washington man identified as Michael Kellar, 58, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sex abuse crimes after a fellow passenger on an airplane saw his texts about molesting children and reported him to authorities.

According to report, Mr Michael was on a plane on July 31, 2017 when he sent texts to his girlfriend talking about molesting two kids. According to the criminal complaint that was filed, a female passenger spotted the texts and alerted the fight crew. The crew arranged for law enforcement to meet the plane at the gate.

Kellar was arrested when the plane touched down. He was charged in federal court with conspiracy to produce child pornography.

His phone was immediately confiscated on his arrest. According to the complaint, hundreds of text messages were found by authorities in which Kellar talked with his girlfriend about molesting two children she babysat. In the texts, Kellar and 52-year-old girlfriend Gail Lynn Burnworth discuss the plan to drug, sexually assault and film the two children, ages 5 and 7.

 Investigations revealed that the couple had produced and shared several hundred sexually explicit images of children.

52-year-old Gail Lynn Burnworth was also arrested on charges of conspiracy to produce child pornography which is punishable by law. According to PEOPLE, it was confirmed that she pleaded guilty to the charge in September. She will be sentenced next month.

According to CBS News, the judge in the case strongly condemned Kellar during the sentencing hearing. “This case for me has been the most disturbing case that I have had,” said U.S. District Judge Ronald B. Leighton, according to CBS. “[These offenses] beset on society a waterfall of negative repercussions that can never be repaired.”

The prosecution was presided over by attorney Brian T. Moran and the woman who turned Keller in was highly commended by the attorney.