Big Lo - Water

About Song:
 "Water" is Big Lo's third single from his forthcoming album, "Spaceboi". This is one of Big Lo's most personal records of his career, focusing on trying to be a good father while leaving behind a life of vice. 

 About Big Lo:

 When you hear the phrase “swamp people,” images of big beards, overalls, and shotguns may come to mind. Those in the know about one of Florida’s top MC’s will think of bars that hit like a buckshot, smooth overall cadence, and Big Lo. Not all Florida men are “Florida Man”s and not all rappers ruin everything. Born in the early 80s, raised by a single mother with an eclectic taste in music, and surrounded by the newly bloomed culture of Hip-Hop, it’s no surprise that James Lopez would undergo his metamorphosis to Big Lo at peak adolescence. Raised in South Florida (currently repping Pensacola), Big Lo found himself hungry to create a sound that could stand out from his peers in the scene. His focus on intellectual discussion, gonzo-esque dada inspired delivery, and ground level hustle made him an attractive light for those with a broad pallet. Big Lo has consistently improved his signature dishes from album to album, adding the right spices to keep you wanting more. From Mindstate Freedom to The Illegalist, Big Lo has continued growing as a writer, a performer, and an asset to Hip-Hop. Over the years, Lo has opened for acts such as Joe Budden, Mobb Deep, Geto Boys, Lil Kim, Raekwon, and Ghostface just to name a handful. He has rocked major festivals like A3C, Canadian Music Week, Brooklyn Wildlife Festival, Florida Music Festival, and the list goes on. Through impressing fans, artists, and string pullers, Big Lo has gone on to tour nearly 30 U.S. states and Canada; all the while providing eye catching merchandise, stellar live performances, and top quality Hip-Hop to the masses. Not only do his aforementioned achievements act as a testament to his hard work and tenacity, Big Lo also stays busy between tours working on his weekly YouTube series Ill Coffee. The series serves as an empowering tool for independent artists working to paint their image on the giant canvas that is Hip-Hop. You can expect to see more great things from Big Lo with his upcoming project Spaceboi. You can get a sample of the album with the first single Speargun available on most major digital platforms and a fantastic music video on the BigLoHipHopTV YouTube channel. ~ Jason Williams