Strat - D and D

Nationality: Black, Native American and White

“If you don’t believe in your own Greatness, no one else will,” -Kevin Hart
Greatness is something many people think of as an actual object, to be obtained and held.
At times… the concept can get misconstrued; greatness is actually derived from the journey, and not the 
Strat was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. Being a minority, his heritage includes 
Black, Native American, and White. Strat never felt like he fit in a place where diversity was lacking. It 
started with a small clique, and a best friend, rapping for fun. His love for music came at a young age, 
with some of Raps Golden Age greats like 2pac, Biggie, Snoop, and Nas, just to name a few. They showed
Strat what could be done, with their lyrical prowess and messages in their music. Records that his dad 
left behind would mesmerize him. Thus the very beginning of his artists roots began, with rap battles at 
parties, recording and writing lyrics, as Strat’s teenage years faded away. 

Though the cultural difficulties 
were very present in his environment, Strat never forgets where he comes from. With him being 
“different” there was a strength instilled in him, embracing who he was… a rebel mentality so to speak. 
Yet, every step is an evolution. 
The next step began in Denver, CO. This is where Strat became a man…where he discovered 
himself. Within a few years of moving there, he had networked and made some friends in the game. The 
old school hustle began with mixtapes “Stratman Begins” and “Stratman Returns”, as his music and 
grind hit the streets of Denver. The ups and downs of life went by, as Strat dropped lines along the way, 
helping others relate to the struggles of life, through his muse, while still having his own. After years of 
patience and perseverance, Strat made his next big move with one of the city’s biggest underground 
labels. He signed on board and went to work. Recording, doing shows, music videos, you name it. It 
allowed Strat to reach a whole new audience and flourish. Strat really honed his skills, but even as 
success started to find him, personal challenges were always there. 
Often with artists the listeners pay more attention to the music than to the artist and their 
struggles. Certainly, everyone has their demons, and artists are no exception. As Strat found some 
success in the Rap game, his personal battle with alcoholism was there in the forefront. Strat believes 
that everything happens for a reason, and so as his addiction completely took over, it was time to take 
his next step in evolution. Heading back to Rapid City after 15 years in Denver, and now living a sober 
life, Strat has reached his next step in ascension as an artist. Having overcome his ruthless and damaging 
habit, the last few years has been about harvesting his creativity, manifesting art that is diverse and 
versatile. He is blazing a comeback trail that no one has ever seen. His journey is a reminder that 
greatness is not found at the end, but within the process. As Strat strategizes his next move…his love for 
music, Hip Hop culture, Rap, and expression continues to bleed into his rhymes. He’s hopeful to provide 
you with something you can relate to, and enjoy.
Q: How would you describe your music to someone?
A: “Something for everybody, all walks of life. Something everybody can relate to. It’s about honesty, it’s 
real, my real life, the ups and downs, the good and the bad.