T.R.3 - Play Catch & Don't Fold


Atlanta-based artist T.R.3 drops two videos off his latest release, the "Black Nirvana" EP.

The first one, “Play Catch” is another evolution of T.R.3’s sound and style, a wholly unexpected turn from his rap and hip hop roots. Vocally, the track has a hippie vibe with subtle folksy undertones laid flawlessly over the guitar-driven production.

Directed by T.R.3, the video for “Play Catch” is reminiscent of a 90’s camcorder-style home video, grainy and full of glitches. T.R.3 channels a dejected drunk, disrupting the solitude of the forest at the river’s edge as he stumbles aimlessly across the edges of the frame.

On “Don’t Fold.” T.R.3 continues to delight with new sounds, honing his singing chops with indie vibes over live guitars.

The video for “Don’t Fold,” directed by T.R.3 and ILIVEHERE., continues the visual theme from “Play Catch.” The 90’s home video style recording sees T.R.3 and Ave $tyles hiking through the woods and frolicking in the river. Yes, frolicking. It’s definitely a softer side of T.R.3 being shown to the world.