Walkman Alkhebu (formally known as Brain Nchabeleng) is a self taught Record Producer, Lyricist, DJ & Sound Engineer from Polokwane (Limpopo/South Africa) with eternal passion for creative arts dating back to his early age.

Having been inspired by Reggae, Jazz, Neosoul/Rap, Kwaito & House. Walkman decided to develop his own unique sound which in time got traction on local streets and beyond where Label owners such as Nick Holder (Canada) & Marc (Germany), Mood Dusty S.A) and decided to link up and publish some of his material under their Record Companies.

He made appearance on as well as The global Records Bar Traxsource Weekend Weapons, Lounge Essentials, Disco-Soul & Funk Charts.

After more than 10 years experience in the creative arts feilds he now releases music under a Record Company of his own (Tapedeck Produkxion), that was formally established mid-2017.


Da Capo, Zothea, Carryn Kramer, Paul B, Budda Sage, Insane Melodies, Q Nel (Ghana). 

Lyrik Shoxen, BlaQ Panther, Vocablic Ashlee, Guitarman Kurta 

Tehut9 (Jamaica), Sister X (Zimbabwe)

Ruben Rivadeneira (Argentina)

Xtra Vigilant (Zimbabwe)


Shooting Star EP,  (2015) Concord Sounds & Recordings. 

Creative Control Vol. 1, (2017) DNHRecords.

Creative Control Vol. 2, (2018) Tapedeck Produkxion. 

Supanova, (2018) Tokyo Dawn Records (2019) Tokyo Dawn Records. 

Searching feat. CarrynKramer,  (2019) Tapedeck Produkxion. 

Creative Control Vol. 3, (2020) Tapedeck Produkxion. 

 Vigilant (Zimbabwe

Shooting Star EP,  (2015) Concord Sounds & Recordings

Creative Control Vol. 1, (2017) DNHRecords

Creative Control Vol. 2, (2018) Tapedeck Produkxion

Supanova(2018) Tokyo Dawn Records, (2019) Tokyo Dawn Records

Searching feat. CarrynKramer,  (2019) Tapedeck Produkxion

Creative Control Vol. 3, (2020) Tapedeck. 


Phone: 072 307 5419

Email: [email protected]

FACEBOOK: Brain Walkman Alkhebu

INSTAGRAM: Walkman Alkhebu

TWITTER: Walkman_Alkhebu