NEWS | DMX Reportedly Trained One Of His Dogs To Ad-Lib During His Freestyles

In a world where a distinctive ad-lib could determine all the difference between being a rapper and being a superstar, DMX  probably has some of the most iconic ad-libs in the game. 

Taking his love for dogs to another level, he peppered his classic songs  with barks and growls to accentuate his favorite lines, giving them an unmistakable and unique sound. 

On a recent episode of N.O.R.E.'s podcast Drink Champs, though, battle rapper Murda Mook revealed that the Dark Man had taken his love for the effect even further, training one of his dogs to ad-lib for him as he freestyled.

According to Mook, who was a witness to a DMX battle in Harlem in which the rap legend displayed this unusual talent. "He had his dog," Mook revealed. So, he battling on the corner and all the n****s around him… He battled Den [10] on the block on 121st, right, Seventh Avenue." He can't quite quote the entire verse, but recalls one line: "Be careful of my dog, she might bite you." He says that on cue, the dog issued a menacing growl — just like her owner would in a song like "Stop Being Greedy." But to add to the effect, Mook claims DMX's next line, "Chill, ma, let me get him," played off the eyebrow-raising dog trick as the pitbull sat back and let the master continue his verse.

DMX is currently working on an album for Def Jam, so it's entirely possible that he could be hitting the road in the near future — as long as COVID leaves a few venues for him to perform at.