In a recent Instagram story by Trouble on the 2nd of December, the rapper has clarified that he wasn't actually serious when he made the statement in an Instagram comment that he would let his wife have sex with Drake for a feature on a song. He set the record straight on his Instagram Story.

"Aye, I'ma address a few things real quick," he began. "Let me address it 'cause y'all obviously got it fucked up. Y'all been living through social media, living through these social sites. Y'all ain't in the real world 'cause if you was in the real world, any snack, any female, lady, whatever you wanna call it, I ever dealt with, they'll tell you. Any nigga walking outchea in the street gon' tell you. You can't even look at my female brazy. You know you gon' get fucked up."

Trouble continued, "I ain't Superman or none of that shit, but you gotta have nuts of steel to even keep hawking, looking at my snack without it being a problem or a nigga going in yo shit. Fuck you talm 'bout? Nigga, don't play. I don't play outchea. When I said that shit, and I don't even got no wife, so don't be taking that shit literal. I'm talking about a little snack you might just be fuckin' around on or something. You don't think I'm finna let her bust down on Drizzy for a verse? When I'ma make millions out that verse? And if he slide in her DMs anyway, she gon go? When the whole while I ain't been getting shit, but a nut? She been getting a nut and a good time? Hell yeah. We better get them M&Ms. She better be with the plan."

"Trouble speaks

— HipHipArchives33 (@archives33) December 3, 2020"

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