Kosha Dillz - Ten Bagel Commandments ft. Spider Cuz

 Kosha Dillz' song and video celebrates the life of NY bagels and NY people just in time for National Bagel Day and shouts out some of the best bagel mom n pop places in New York City while giving us the bagel commandments we must live by.

Amidst all the stressful news in our world, there will always be a NY bagel to make us feel like we're at home. To add to the ridiculousness of the song, the video features Spider Cuz, a Crip walking Times Square Spider-Man who frequents videos with New York Nico, and Crackhead Barney, a Jamaica Queens performance artist who recently went viral for her comical interview of the infamous Qanon Shaman in DC before he stormed the Capitol building (now famous for only eating organic food in jail).

Specific local bagel storefronts include The Bagel Store, Greenbergs Bagels, Blackseed Bagels Ediths BK (who made us the bagel jewelry) and Baz Bagels. The video ends with a slew of shout outs and an ode to anti-vaxer rallies. How may you ask? This trio become "anti-toasters" while stomping out the evil machine, stealing our NY bagel hydration in a similar fashion to the movie Office Space.