Verbs of Iron Bridge returns to speak his truth to power with 'Cancel Culture'


An anthemic follow-up to the underground hit 'Rebel', which has achieved over 70k view on Youtube in just two weeks.

The 2nd release from Verbs of Iron Bridge forthcoming album 'Visionary' is Cancel Culture. A powerful and dynamic song providing social commentary on the modern internet culture, which doesnt take any sides politically, rather points the finger at the mainstream media who stoke the flames of division through their actions in the relentless pursuit of profit and clicks. The underlying message to the song and Verbs own vison for the video, is one of peace and unity to overcome these dark forces.


With a stirring, strident beat by Evo, and finished to perfection with scratches by DJ Jabba Tha Kut, this track is a call to arms to find ways to unite across the manafactured divides.