The debate about who the greatest rapper of all time is will always be a topic of discussion amongst Hip Hop heads. Styles P recently had an interview with the Bigface Gary Show where he gave one of his good friends the greatest MC of all time title and there’s no debate about it.
“Biggie is the greatest MC that has ever existed,” Styles said in the shot. 

The Bigface Gary Show host said that the only reason Biggie would get that title is because of his untimely death but insisted he loved the late Brooklyn icon while also bringing up the love other legends like JAY-Z and others receive. 

 “No you don’t,” said Styles in response to the host announcing his love for Biggie. “You don’t love him enough to understand.”


He continued, “I’mma give you why. The evolution from each of those three’s first album to the second album, big wins on the evolution tip. I didn’t say either one of them albums got better, ’cause each one of those MC’s I respected their second album as much as the first, which make me fall in love with them as a fan, as an MC to go, solid, they did it again. I know it’s real. I know what’s going on.” 

 “But Big’s second album was global. Do you understand what I’m sayin’?” Styles asked. “Global. That was a different—he hit a different chamber and level to even have the audacity to say my second one is gonna be my second and third one.” 

 At the time of his untimely fatal death, Biggie was on the verge of a major career breakthrough even bigger than the one he had when he first emerged onto the scene in 1993. 

His demise left a massive void in not only New York City, but Hip Hop in general that is still felt to this day and fans will always wonder what could’ve been had Biggie still been alive. 

 Biggie was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2020 by JAY-Z, Diddy and Nas “Big just wanted to be biggest, he wanted to be the best, he wanted to have influence and impact people in a positive way, and that clearly has been done all over the world,” Diddy said during his speech. “Nobody has come close to the way Biggie sounds, to the way he raps, to the frequency that he hits. Tonight we are inducting the greatest rapper of all-time into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Notorious B.I.G. representing Brooklyn, New York, we up in here!”