Verbs Of Iron Bridge - Visionary Album/Root Video double release


The capping of a phenomenal return

18 years after the release of the legendary underground album 'Toilet Humour' by Iron BridgeVerbs has come back to the limelight and surpassed all previous achievements.


Having received over 400,000 views on Youtube and 60,000 streams on Spotify for the first three singles, he celebrates the release day for the eagerly awaited album 'Visionary' with a simultaneous release of the video for 'Root' - a collaboration with long time friend and rhyme partner Apocraphe in a video animated by Roman Gigou.

Join Verbs of Iron Bridge and Apocraphe as they go back to back, touching on the fickle nature of identity and conformity to societal norms and the pain and suffering that this can cause us, before the path to ascension through things like creative endeavours and meaningful bonds allows the spirit to awaken from the depths of the root chakra.

This original concept is completed by the incredible vocals of the talented Clover Ray, an uplifting musical production fromA-nigma and reliably killer cuts from Jabba tha Kut creating an instant classic that is liable to both entertain and uplift the listener.

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