Bill Cosby To Appear In Music Video For Rapper's Song "The Cosby Dance"

 Memphis Jelks praises the controversial icon and Cosby reportedly shared a statement about appearing in the visual.

In his first months out of prison, Bill Cosby has gotten a lot on his hands. The industry hasn't been unanimous in its support for the veteran entertainer who was previously convicted on charges related to sexual assault, and once it was learned that the conviction was overturned due to a technicality, Cosby was a free man. 

He has long disputed the allegations against him after dozens of women came forward with the accusatory stories, some going as far back 35 years. There have been rumors that the 84-year-old actor will embark on a comedy tour or continue with speaking arrangements, and on Thursday (August 5), it was reported that Cosby planned on making an appearance in a Rap video.

Rapper Memphis Jelks released his single "The Cosby Dance" which samples The Cosby Show's theme song and on the track, Jelks praises the comedian. Jelks is taking his turn at creating a viral dance song, and while it remains to be seen if the public turns it into a wave, reports state Cosby plans on showing face in the music video. 

 “The greatest legacy one can pass down to their children and grandchildren is not money or material goods, but a legacy of truth and facts. They removed The Cosby Show, A Different World, and many of my Honorary Degrees,” reads a statement to Radar Online. “Now, comes a prolific rapper, Memphis Jelks, who adds to the restoration of my legacy with a powerful new song called ‘The Cosby Dance’ Hey, Hey, Hey — Far From Finished." Memphis Jelks continued to laud Cosby when he spoke with the outlet. 

“I believe the upcoming generation can learn a lot about overcoming adversities by studying and applying the principles of Dr. Cosby’s educational and career choices that have helped lead to his enormous success,” he said. 

“What better way than a viral song and dance in which the lyrics celebrate some of the great attributes of one of the greatest American comedians of all time, who happens to be Black." 

 Cosby's participation in a Rap video has raised concern for those who remember how often the actor would publicly complain about Rap music and its influences.