Fortnite’s upcoming global music series will have an interactive experience for each artist

Epic Games has announced the next set of artists to perform at Fortnite, called the Soundwave Series. The new series will feature artists from around the world, and players will be able to experience music from each artist in an interactive experience in-game.

Epic is well known for bringing musical performances to Fortnite, including spectacular shows for huge artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande and concerts hosted on the non-violent party royale island. 

But Epic is increasingly working with its community to create signature experiences for the game in Fortnite's Creative mode, such as with this summer's Easy Life virtual concert and the Balenciaga-themed "Strange Times" hub. The first show in the Soundwave Series, featuring Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki, will continue that trend, as will the future shows in the Soundwave Series, Epic discloses in a recent chat with The Verge.